Whether your needs are for contract review, perfecting or removing liens, litigating disputes in the courtroom, Uniform Commercial Code issues, mediating or arbitrating disputes outside of the courtroom, or simply writing demand or response letters, you can rest assured that Bret Gerard will keep you informed each step of the way and that he will remain accessible, responsive and committed to achieving your desired outcome. He diligently applies his legal experience to achieve the best possible results for his clients.


Bret is committed to keeping his business model lean so that he can offer his clients economical rates. Having worked at “big” law firms, Bret realized he could best serve his clients by working as a solo attorney where overhead costs are minimized.  Bret is experienced in the trial methods and case tactics utilized by “big” firms. Why pay exorbitant legal fees when you can obtain superior, quality, legal services at affordable rates from an attorney who knows your name and values his relationship with you?

Bret provides broad ranging, practical litigation advice and trial skills to a variety of businesses ranging from large companies to small investors. He primarily practices in Texas but has also litigated disputes in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Missouri, Utah, Delaware and Georgia. He has also acted as Texas counsel for numerous out-of-state law firms. His long-standing relationships with many of the local judiciary allow him to be an invaluable ally for out of state counsel, and assist in helping them to “feel at home” before the courts and agencies in the Lone Star State.

Bret is equally at home in the courtroom AND the boardroom, and understands the need to resolve matters swiftly and economically. When push comes to shove, Bret knows his way around the courtroom and has hundreds of successful case wins to prove his value as trusted legal counsel for his clients.

Bret has over 28 years’ experience as a litigator and does not believe that a lengthy trial process is necessary to resolve disputes. Bret’s approach is to push for early mediation or fast-track trial settings so that his clients reach resolutions quickly. He knows that the litigation process is stressful, costly, and often uncertain.

While Bret is a seasoned trial attorney, he is a “big-picture” person who understands that no matter how well-prepared the case, litigation is ultimately a crap shoot. Every time a case is tried, it’s essentially a roll of the dice when you leave the decision-making in the hands of a jury that often is made up of 6 or 12 people who are complete strangers to the parties. Believe it or not, sometimes the jury gets it wrong.

When court cases do not turn out as expected, Bret knows how to mitigate damages for his clients at the appellate level. He has a successful history in obtaining reversals at the appellate level. He is also an experienced mediator and understands the value of alternative dispute resolution.

Bret’s experience combined with his knowledgeable, responsive approach equals a winning combination for your legal needs.

Commercial Litigation

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Real Estate/Construction

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Insurance Litigation

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Uniform Commercial Code

When you need help in navigating Uniform Commercial code law, Bretton Gerard is experienced in UCC litigation.

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Bret Gerard is a trained mediator who has extensive experience in settling cases through the processes of mediation and arbitration. These alternative dispute resolution processes are typically significantly less costly ...

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