Bret Gerard is a trained mediator who has extensive experience in settling cases through the processes of mediation and arbitration. These alternative dispute resolution processes are typically significantly less costly than litigation. Many courts order parties into mediation or arbitration in an effort to more quickly and efficiently resolve differences.

While Bret is a seasoned trial attorney, he is a “big-picture” person who realizes that, bottom line, no matter how well the case is prepared, litigation is ultimately a crap shoot. Every time a case is tried, it’s essentially a roll of the dice when you leave the decision-making in the hands of a jury that often is made up of 6 or 12 people who are complete strangers to the parties. Believe it or not, sometimes the jury gets it wrong.

Bret’s experience combined with his knowledgeable, responsive approach equals a winning combination for your legal needs.

Se habla Español.