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Responsive: adj. Reacting or replying quickly or favorably, as to a suggestion, question or initiative.
Knowledgeable: adj. Possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; perceptive.
Results: noun. A desirable or beneficial consequence, outcome, or effect.

Bret has more than 34 years’ experience providing quality legal services to his clients. He prides himself on providing lightning-fast responses to his clients’ questions. His objectives are to ensure that his clients receive excellent services and expected results, at fair prices. Whether your needs are for contract review, perfecting or removing liens, litigating disputes in the courtroom, mediating or arbitrating disputes outside of the courtroom, or simply writing demand or response letters, rest assured that Bret will keep you informed each step of the way, and that he will remain accessible, responsive, and committed to achieving your desired outcome.

Bret provides broad-ranging, practical litigation advice and trial skills to a variety of businesses ranging from large companies to small investors. He primarily practices in Texas, but has also litigated disputes in Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Missouri, Utah, Delaware, Florida and Georgia. He has also acted as Texas counsel for out-of-state law firms.

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Areas of Practice


As a commercial litigator, Bret is experienced in obtaining extraordinary relief for his clients. When recovering money damages is simply not enough, extraordinary remedies, such as injunctions, sequestrations, attachments, receiverships and garnishments, tools often overlooked by other attorneys, might provide an avenue to relief.


Bret Gerard is an experienced UCC attorney, having advised many clients on various issues, including compliance, seller’s and buyer’s rights, delivery and acceptance of goods, and remedies available upon breach.


Bret regularly assists clients in resolving real estate and construction-related issues. From the drawing board to the job site, and from operation to property sale, Bret has the knowledge to counsel clients on risks, and the experience to seek speedy resolutions that can often avoid expensive and protracted litigation. His experience includes shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, condominiums, hotels, land development and residential properties. 

general matters

Bret also represents clients in routine matters, such as the incorporation of a business, communications with creditors, preparing simple wills, handling probate proceedings and other general, civil matters for which his services may be needed.


Bret routinely advises clients on insurance coverage to ensure they are properly protected. He works hard for his clients by carefully considering the costs and benefits of the available remedies to achieve the maximum insurance recovery. He encourages a wide range of pre-litigation claims advocacy, including negotiations and mediation, knowing that the litigation process is costly and often uncertain.


Bret is a trained mediator who has extensive experience in settling cases through the processes of mediation and arbitration. These alternative dispute resolution procedures are typically less costly than traditional litigation in state and federal court.


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